Skin Consultation

We know more than anyone that first impressions count, which is why we are dedicated to making your visit to Aqua extra special. We understand that no two journeys are the same, which is why we are there to support you in yours. Our Consultations for skin, body, and hair, give us an in-depth view into your lifestyle, health, and daily routine to enable us to put together a bespoke treatment plan individual to you. Photographs are an essential part to your journey here at Aqua, when seeing yourself everyday it can be difficult to look for results and what to expect. All consultation fees are redeemable against a treatment.

Laser Hair Removal

A permanent approach to getting rid of body hair

All potential Laser clients will need a consultation. This allows us to make sure an in-depth consultation is completed, to determine different factors relating to your treatment.

A 48-hour patch test is mandatory.

30 min


Aqua offers a wide range of body treatments from Fat reduction, cellulite & skin tightening. For many of us, the ‘perfect’ body always seems to be out of reach, even when we diet, exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. However, we’re naturally our own worse critiques.

We are here to provide that helping hand to reach those goals. Within this time we will take a look at which areas you would like us to help you with and put together a treatment plan. Nutrition and diet play a huge role, so it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle for maximum results.

40 min


Skin Mapping is used in this consultation, allowing your esthetician to take a better understanding of your skin type and any problem areas you may be experiencing. Once your form and Mapping are complete together we will start your Skin Journey. In this time please ask any further questions you may have.


45 min