Dry Facial

Are you ready to experience a Dry facial? Combining science and technology to bring immediate and long lasting results.

What to expect:

Step 1: Double cleanse

Step 2: Dermaplaning

Step 3: Glycolic treatment

Step 4: NO2O Dry sheet mask, suited to your skin type

& Scalp Massage

Step 5: Dermalux LED

Step 6: Aftercare application


(save £20)

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Offer expires 31st October.

Dermaplaning and an innovative, dry-to-the-touch textile face mask!

Dermaplaning removes the superficial layers of dead skin cells allowing a deeper penetration of product. In this facial your therapist will Dermaplane your skin to remove your vellus hair and dead skin cells , once your skin has the perfect smooth platform from a deep exfoliation , using a gentle glycolic pad we to stimulate your elastin collagen, reboot your hydration and refine pores we will carefully select one of our incredibly active dry sheet mask and pop it on. The mask will infuse active ingredients into the epidermis to promote skin health, (The best part ,you will go home with the mask to use again to maximise results) whilst you enjoy an indulgent scalp massage.

This Treatment concludes with our Dermalux LED treatment, where you can take a moment to doze off.

55 min


This surprisingly relaxing procedure consists of using a surgical scalpel at a 40 degree angle, holding the skin taught using a swiping motion to slowly remove the dead skin cells and vellus hair. It is not only good for these main two reasons, Dermaplaning will also improve the texture and tone of the skin giving you an instantly brighter complexion, it will also improve the natural contouring of your face enhancing your cheek bones and jawline and increasing the speed of your cell turnover which magically will improve the overall dreaded signs of ageing

30 mins min