HI-FU Body

HI-FU Body


3D HIFU is the latest technology used to target specific focused areas of fat in the fastest possible treatment time. This technology works by delivering focused energy at a depth of 1.3cm and 7mm to destroy fat cells. The high frequency of the ultrasound wave results in heating under the skin, effectively destroying the fat cells and tightening the skin in the area treated. The damaged cells are flushed away via a natural removal process through the lymphatic system that continues for up to 3 months.

How It Works?

The HIFU hand piece delivers focused ultrasound waves to a precise depth to cause Necrosis of the fat cell. The controlled movement of the hand piece results in a grid of treated fat cells. The high frequency of the ultrasound wave, results in rapid heating of the focal zone at 1.3cm and 7mm under the skin leaving the skins surface unaffected. However this energy increases in temperature as it gets deeper within the skin due to the energy of the HIFU causing cellular friction. Exposing the fat cell to this high temperature causes rapid cell death (necrosis).


Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments are recommended?

Only one treatment is required per area.

What Results Can I Expect from this treatment?

Results can be seen from 2–4 months post treatment. The average reduction of the treatment area after just one single session is typically 2–4cm.

Can I combine 3D Cavitation with other treatments?

3D-HIFU body is best for targeting stubborn pockets of fat, however if you wish to have more of an overall fat reduction treatment your therapist may recommend combining your 3D HIFU body treatment as part of a treatment course incorporating other technologies for a more complete fat reduction treatment. The beauty of 3D Lipo is that each technology can be combined to enable you to target your needs and devise a specific and bespoke treatment plan for you ensuring maximum results.

What will I experience during treatment?

A hand piece will be placed on the skin, this is the hand piece used to target focused energy to the fat cells. The hand piece is placed on the area of treatment and held there for approximately 2 minutes, this will be repeated 3 times per treatment area. During treatment, you may feel the warmth of the hand piece, and it some cases it may get slightly hot and uncomfortable. You may also feel a slight vibration and tingling sensation, although this is completely normal.

  • A 48 hour patch test & Consultation is required.
  • £50 Deposit required, which is redeemable against treatment


30 mins – £300

HI-FU ( Non-Surgical Face lift )

HI-FU Face
Non-surgical Skin Lifting has become one of the most sought after treatments, and HI-FU is the latest to excel in this arena in just one single session! It targets individual brow lifting, jowl line lifting, nasolabial fold reduction, periorbital wrinkle reduction, and overall skin tightening and rejuvenation.

How HI-FU Works:

The highly focused acoustic energy creates thermal coagulation zones at three different selected depths. Following this, a wound healing response results in the formation of SMAS tightening and new collagen, thus providing a longer term tightening of the skin. Generally, a noticeable improvement in the patients facial contouring and fine lines and wrinkles will be reportedly seen up to six weeks post treatment. There is virtually no downtime associated with this non-invasive procedure. Results last up to 18-24 months

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments are recommended?

One single treatment is recommended and then a maintenance treatment is advised every 12 months

What Results Can I Expect from this treatment?

Generally, a noticeable improvement in your facial contouring and fine lines and wrinkles will be visible within a 4 week period whilst further improvement in facial skin tightening and wrinkles will be reportedly seen up to 6 weeks post treatment.

What will I experience during treatment?

During treatment, the 3D Facial HIFU hand piece is placed on the skin and held in one area at a time. You will experience a slight vibration and warmth whilst the energy is being penetrated. The hand piece will then be placed on the next area of treatment. This treatment may feel slightly uncomfortable at times.


A 48 Hour patch test and consultation is required.

Treatment Costs-

Full Face & Neck £900

( please note a full face & neck treatment will be split into to sessions over a course of two weeks)

Full Face £800

Lower Face £600

Lower Face & Neck £750

Upper Face £350


A £50 Deposit will be required for consultation booking, the £50 is redeemable against treatment


40 mins - Consultation min