Olaplex – No 4D Dry Shampoo

August 24, 2023

My personal favourite has to be the NEW Olaplex 4D Dry Shampoo.  I feel like I am a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to dry shampoo products. A staple for my lazy hair habits when I need my hair to go the distance between washing.

Top of the benefits for this products is that Olaplex 4D Dry Shampoo does not leave a white powder residue or feel sticky in the hair.  Olaplex 4D Dry Shampoo also doesn’t weigh down the hair. This is due to clinically proven ingredients such as Rice Starch and Rambutan Seed Extract which refresh the scalp by absorbing excess oils and volumizing the hair from the root.  A bonus also being that it smells amazing.  This product also has the additional advantage of repelling odour and damaging pollutants which can affect our hair.

How to use:  Separate the hair into sections.  Hold the can approximately 6-10 inches away from hair and spray onto root.  Wait 30 seconds and then massage into the scalp.

Pro Tip:  Use immediately after your blow dry as prevention is better than cure!

Vegan and colour friendly.

Click the link below to purchase

Olaplex No 4D Dry Shampoo

Price:  £31.00 – 250ml




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