Vitamin Profiling Kit

April 13, 2018


Alpha H Vitamin Profiling Kit


The IMPRESSIVE Vitamin Profiling Kit from Alpha-H is a must have.  Alpha H  gives you this unique kit. This handy, custom designed collection contains four POWERFUL cosmeceutical serums ready to jump to your aid. Like little powerful superheroes, each concentrated vitamin serum is designed to meet absolutely any S.O.S skincare needs by a simple and easy process of self-prescription. A.K.A, the AMAZING PROFILING WHEEL! This wheel will help you crack your skincare code which tells you exactly which SUPER CHARGED vitamin your skin will need. It’s like your very own bespoke skincare routine right at home!


I bet you’re wondering, yeah so, how does this work? What are these amazing selection of vitamins I need? WELL, I shall tell you as quick as A,B,C (oh and E).



Night-specific, firming anti-wrinkle treatment. Increases cell turnover, reduces excessive sebum secretion, regenerating benefits and minimises skin marking.



Day or night – builds moisture and collagen; suppresses pigmentation and redness. Repairs barrier and prevents dehydration, increases skins own antioxidant, suppresses pigmentation, reduces thick sticky sebum.



Daytime antioxidant marvel. Restores clarity and radiance. A daytime antioxidant marvel, restores clarity and radiance, suppresses pigmentation and brown ageing spots.



A literal ‘first aid kit in a bottle’. Promotes healing and skin repair. Anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, calms and soothes irritations.

Because one size does not fit all when it comes to skincare, ALPHA-H created this, VITAMIN PROFILING – a ‘multidisciplinary approach to lifestyle and ageing.’ For you to easily take greater control of your skincare needs and desires. Simply spin the wheel to match your current skin concern and the wheel will instantly provide you with the correct vitamin(s) to apply from AM to PM.

“Each day we dress according to the weather and what we are doing, but what does our day in skincare look like? Today I’m on the sunny Gold Coast so I’ll apply Vitamin C to help protect my skin from UV damage. Yesterday I was in the TV studio all day with the air conditioning cranking so I reached for Vitamin B to replenish my moisture levels. I’ve been travelling for the last month and my skin is looking fatigued—so tonight I’ll be nurturing it with Vitamin E.”

Michelle Doherty, CEO Alpha-H




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