April 7, 2018


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Detox … a word often used when referring to cleansing your body and you mind. Think juicing, yoga, sugar free and Facials! Yes you read that right- Facials!!!

After what feels like the longest winter known to man and a very high sugar intake over the Easter weekend Aqua has formulated the perfect Detox facial for you. Using cosmeceutical products to provide a result driven facial to shake off those winter blues and rid of those sugary breakouts, whilst indulging you with moments of tranquility.

Why Detox!

Our detox facial has been put together by our own therapists, using our knowledge and understanding of the skin an the effects that everyday can have on your skin; such as the weather our diets and what we are exposed to daily with the changes in seasons. This result driven facial is designed to help combat all these effects and boost your skins natural health. Combing 3 different types of facial masks, steam, massage & lymphatic drainage. Our Detox will balance your skins natural barrier, suppress any unwanted congestion, rehydrate and calm the skin whilst enhancing a natural glow.

Facial Bar

What to expect!  

Our detox facial is  designed to provide maximum results whilst you relax.

Using 3 different masks to help combat an array of concerns.

After your skin has been cleansed, we will pop a steamer on, not only is this great for relaxing the steam will also open your pores and help soften the surface layer of dead skin cells, releasing any build up and prevents breakouts. Once the skin is nice and ‘softened’ from the steam, your therapist will apply a clay mask suited to your skin. The Clay mask provides a gentle way of exfoliating the skin,helps to draw out toxins and refine pores. During this mask you will enjoy a deep scalp massage releasing headache tension. A second mask will be applied, in the form of a putty mask (alginate mask). Our incredible putty masks add an intensive lifting effect to the treatment and create a powerful occlusion which pushed active ingredients even deeper to help brighten, tighten and firm your skin, at the same time your therapist will massage any knots and tension from those aching shoulders and tired neck. Finally a third mask will be used, this time a calming, hydrating and restorative mask. Providing the skin with a cooling, calming & hydrating benefit. In this time, zone out whilst we release pressure points and drain away toxins in your lymphatic system.

Your facial will conclude with after care to ensure maximum results!

Who said detoxing was only juicing & Yoga?!?

See you soon Ady 🙂 x

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