Drink your way to healthy skin

April 15, 2015

Summer is almost here, and this can only mean one thing… Sun, short shorts and bronzed skin! But with this comes premature ageing, pigmentation and dehydration so it’s essential you take care and don’t let this happen.

There are a few must haves when it comes to protecting your skin from premature ageing for example everyone needs to be wearing an antioxidant and an SPF30+ on their skin to protect against UVA/UVB rays. Being consistent with these simple steps is essential to prevent and protect your delicate skin, seeing as your skin is your largest organ it’s pretty important to keep it healthy.

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly looking for that extra something to add into your skincare regime to give your skin a boost. For rosacea sufferers or those who have hypersensitive skin it can be hard to find products which don’t cause you to have flushes or redness – this means Skinade could become your best friend.

For those of you which don’t already know, Skinade is a collagen drink which works from the inside out to rebuild the collagen matrix (Collagen is the scaffolding in your skin) to ultimately reduce fine lines and wrinkles and boost natural hydration levels to result in more radiant, healthy and youthful skin. It has additional benefits including stronger, healthier and faster growing hair and nails – bonus! We’ve also had clients who find that well-being is improved giving them a feel good factor due to the body enjoying the vitamin B dosage. It gets better – consumers have also reported improvements in skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and conditions like acne.

Skinade is so different from any other collagen drink or tablet, you would need to take 20 large tablets a day to consume the same amount of collagen as Skinade. Already worrying about the calorie intake? Well here’s the good news, one bottle contains only 35 calories.

Did you know from the age of twenty you lose 1.5% of the collagen in your body every year for the rest of your life? So here’s some food for thought, replace your morning coffee with a daily bottle of Skinade, strengthen your skins elasticity and stop the biological clock.

Skinade tastes of peach and mangosteen and its surprisingly pleasant, nicer chilled and perhaps even over ice, but that’s your choice. If you’d like to know the nitty gritty of what the main ingredients are then read on…
Marine collagen: high-grade marine collagen is derived from fresh water fish, responsible for strengthening the collagen matrix (scaffolding for your skin).

Vitamin C: Essential for natural collagen formation and maintaining the collagen matrix. It also provides vital protection for the skin by boosting the immune system and reducing free-radical damage.

MSM: Is a naturally occurring form of organic sulphur found in all living organisms. It helps collagen and keratin formation, improves skin elasticity and inhibits cross-linking of collagen cells, a major cause of skin ageing. In other words, the building blocks of collagen.

B Vitamins: Our vitamin-B complex promotes more uniform, clearer, glowing and radiant skin. Increases cell turnover.

Omegas 3 & 6: Omegas are sourced exclusively from organic flax seed oil that plays an important role in balancing dry and oily skin. This is an anti-inflammatory ingredient therefore it works well with the sebaceous glands so great for acne sufferers.

L-lysine: An essential amino acid that is key to rebuilding the collagen matrix at cellular level. L-lysine is also great for muscle fatigue and anxiety.

Most people like to know when to expect results and rightly so, as long as you’re taking good care of your skin topically as well, then this is what many Skinade lovers have found:

After 4-6 days more moisture and hydration

After 7-10 days more radiant, glowing and healthy looking complexion

After 2-4 weeks reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and pore size

Now, do you want to reveal your best summer look yet? Well it’s time to get that Skinade in your hand and get people asking what your secret is… to fabulous looking skin!

Join the skin health team and come and see us at Aqua Skin Care if you’re ready for some Skinade…

Normal Price – 30 days = £90
Current special offer – 30 days = £60 (limited stock)

Think of it this way – opt for replacing your morning coffee – simple as that…
We look forward to seeing you soon,

The Aqua Team xxx

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