The Aqua Facial Bar

September 21, 2016

The last few weeks we have been building up to the incredible launch of the Aqua Facial Bar. This is the first of it’s kind in the South West…

I know amazing, right?

So what exactly is the Facial Bar all about?

In every day life things are go, go ,go … well, in my life it definitely is. Which means booking a facial becomes somewhat of a fantasy or just plain wishful thinking. Nevertheless,  looking after ourselves and our skin is super important, and let’s face it we all need some well deserved ‘me’ time.  Aqua took all these facts of life into consideration and behind the scenes the concept of a ‘Pick & Mix’ facial was born.  However,  we wanted to offer you a ‘quickie'(*excuse the expression*) but with time being so precious we knew these treatments had to fit in between school runs, lunch breaks & general chores but most importantly still provide visible results.  We know our products inside out and we can select the correct products for how your skin is behaving each and every time – it really is the facial that is as individual as you are.  So our 7 new bespoke facials have been designed by the Aqua team to provide results in as little as 30 Minutes,  and we have added a twist, with our ‘ 7 Boosters’ , these little beauties are the ‘cherry’ on your cake and if your greedy you can have more the one ‘cherry’. In addition to all this, we will also provide you with a free skin analysis, so we can assure  the correct facial is chosen for your skin.

Anyway, you probably would like to know more about the facials, so please welcome our 7 new bespoke Facials:


Aqua Treatments Massage

  • Go With The Glow- 30 Minutes 

Our Radiance facial, giving your skin an instant glow and a large drink of water. This Facial will leave your skin refreshed, firmer, and radiant.

  • Stop The Clock- 30 Minutes 

Help reverse the signs of ageing, by diminishing those fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Fade Out- 30 Minutes 

Fading out unwanted pigmentatation and brighting up the skin’s complexion

  • Spot On- 30 Minutes 

An Acne & Blemish Facial, helping to clear congested skin types.

  • Calm Down- 30 Minutes 

Helping to restore the skin’s capillary barrier by soothing and relieving sensitivity.

  • Alpha Male- 30 Minutes 

Because real men have facials too. This facial targets male skin concerns , giving the male skin a much needed boost.

  • The Inbetweeners – 30 Minutes 

A bespoke facial designed for younger problematic skin types.


All 7 Facials are £40, containing 7 result driven steps & include that free consultation, which means if you still are not sure which Facial is right for your skin type then allow us to provide professional advice.

Now for my favourite bit, after you have ‘picked’ you facial, lets ‘mix’ it up with one of our treatment enhancing Boosters, and like I said be greedy have more then one, if you wish.

Mix it up with one of the following Boosters:

  • Kiss Me – Lip Treatment, exfoliate, hydrate & plump those lips.
  • Lighten Up– Dermalux, a powerful tri-wave light therapy treatment taking every facial to the next step. Personally, I think this Booster should always be added, do not under estimate the power of light!
  • Bright Eyes – Eye Treatment, not many facials can target eyes, which is a shame because for a lot of us this is a major concern. Well, not any more, rehydrate those dark shadows and diminish those fine lines with our fruit acid peel.
  • Between the Sheets– Sheet Masks, using our amazing StarSkin mask we can target individual concerns by selecting the correct mask for you. Also, did you know each of these masks contains 30ml of product?
  • Putty in Our Hands– Putty Masques. I love these masques, you can switch off all your senses and zone out whilst our individual mixed putty masques get to work.
  • Peel to Reveal– A gentle chemical peel taking your facial to another level. This superficial peel will provide no down time & is perfect for taking it up a notch.

All Boosters are £10.

  • Drink Me (£5)– A chilled Glass of Skinade. Treating the skin from the inside, once again I think this is a perfect ‘cherry’ to be added.



Skinade Bubbles

To celebrate our amazing new treatments we are offering a free booster with every Facial Bar treatment.  Hopefully, you are no longer reading this, you are already online or calling us to get you hands on one of our new ‘Pick & Mix’ Facial Bar Treatments.

To book Call Truro on 01872 279 583 or alternatively book via our website or Aqua App – Search Aqua Advanced via the iStore.

**Please note, these facials are only available at Truro & offer expires 30/9/16

Honestly, your still reading ;)?…

Aqua xx





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