Winter’s coming, let’s protect that Skin!

October 24, 2016

I bet you have those summer clothes all packed away?

Your warm coats and cosy scarfs are your saviour from the cold blast that’s creeping up on us. Hot water bottles, slippers, central heating and a frothy hot chocolate keep you cosy and warm from the comfort of your home. However, have you thought about what effect all this is having on your skin? Have you found your winter saviour product?

My top 5 tips to protect your skin this winter:

  1. Our winter clothes may be heavy and cosy, but heavy isn’t necessarily what our skin needs. Although, the first moisturiser you might reach for is the richest moisturiser you can find, is this really the right product to suit your skin? Heavy isn’t always the answer in this cold weather. It’s not the constancy of the product you need to worry about, it’s the ingredients, you need high end ingredients that will really penetrate and hydrate the skin. The correct moisturiser is vital.
  2. Just because summer is a distant memory – well, if you can call it summer! –, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Make a sunscreen part of your daily regimen, even in the winter. Pop it next to your toothpaste – it’s just as important. The UVA are still attacking your skin, let’s keep it protected. Minimum factor 30.
  3. Curling up in front of a fireplace is the best way to get warm on cold winter nights. But these types of open flames also have a downside, they can cause your skin to dry out. To help tackle your dry skin, try applying a facial oil before bed.
  4. If your facial skin is uncomfortably dry, avoid using harsh peels, masks, and alcohol-based toners or astringents, all of which can strip vital oil from your skin. Instead, find a gentle cream cleanser with vitamin E to help restore the skin, and masks that are hydrating rather than clay-based, which tends to draw moisture out of the face.
  5. I know this is going to sound silly… Avoid boiling hot showers and baths. This is hypocritical of me because I am a sucker for a boiling hot bath full of bubbles to relax whilst reading my book, however, intense heat of a hot shower or bath actually breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can lead to a loss of moisture. Having a lukewarm bath and for a shorter period of time will benefit your skin this winter.

Bubble Baths Good For Skin 1

Please remember there is a HUGE difference between a Dry & a Dehydrated skin type. Both these skin types require different attention and products. Look out for my next blog explaining the difference.

Ady xxx

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