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March 12, 2016

It’s the beginning of 2016 and we are back with a bang – a banging new website no less with the additional feature (*drum roll please…….*) our beautiful online shop where you can purchase all your must-have skincare products which we will lovingly pack and delivered to you in our signature boxes – because why shouldn’t it feel like christmas whenever Mr Postman arrives with your box of goodies!

We have loads of new features and information for you to enjoy –

Our Blog –

Here we will tell you all about the latest products and treatments we have arriving, lots of skincare advice, tips and tricks, what’s new in the industry and if we find a product which we love, we are not that self absorbed that just because we don’t stock it (we will probably be working on it, mind you!!) we will share the joy.

Aqua Loves…….

Products or Treatments will have to be pretty special to enter this category.   Our reasons for choosing those who are deemed worthy of receiving the Aqua Loves….. stamp of approval will be, firstly, that it actually is amazing for what it says it will do and once you have tried it you will be sure to agree and secondly, that if, for some god forsaken reason, it was ever to be discontinued, palpitations and a minor melt-down would ensue!

Wish List

Guaranteed to make sure that you don’t have to master the “wow, darling, thank you” face or pick the right time to ask “Have you still got the receipt?” when you have just opened the latest food processor or style of clothing that you have never worn in the past or likely to wear in the future! So fill up your wish list, send it off and receive the gift you know you want and will love.

We hope that you love our new website as much as we do! Please let us know if there are any issues in our blog which you would like us to talk about or any skincare questions you want answering.

The Aqua Team 

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