What is a Vitamin C?

December 27, 2016

I’m sure you have heard the words ‘Vitamin C’ or ‘Antioxidant’ a lot. Whether it’s from a TV add, a magazine or perhaps your Skincare salon.

To help you understand, I have taken the science out of the explanation and replaced it with an Apple. Yes,  you heard me right an Apple. Apples

So, take you favourite Apple, does not matter if it’s a golden delicious or a pink lady. Now cut your Apple in half, taking one half and covering it with fresh lemon juice, then leave the other half on your work top. Allow an hour or two to pass.

When you return, you will discover the half that did not have the Lemon juice applied will be brown and looking sorry for itself. However the half that had the lemon juice applied will have a fresher appearance with very minimal discolouring .

LemonsNow, this apple is representing your skin & the Lemon Juice is representing your Vitamin C (antioxidant) . Over time ( not two hours) this is what happens to our skin but by applying a Vitamin C  it is preserving our skin and slowing down the ageing effect on our skin. Clever isn’t it?


Hope this clears up any confusion or misunderstanding! xx

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