Alpha Peel

Alpha Peel


Aqua’s Alpha peel includes the Enzyme peel, which can be used on all skin types, yes even the sensitive skins. Mixed with the powerful amazing liquid gold. This peel is perfect recharging, energising & exfoliating the skin. With a powerful blend of fruit enzymes to instantly smooth, firm and revitalise your complexion.

To super charge this facial even more, your lovely therapist will select an Alpha H putty masque (alginate mask). These incredible putty masques add an intensive lifting effect to the treatment and create a powerful occlusion which pushes the active ingredients from the facial even deeper into the skin. Super charging  the facial with visible benefits.


We will then pop  you  under the Dermalux- LED Phototherapy technology. It accelerates your body’s natural process. If you think of skin cells as little batteries, overtime the energy in your skin cells is used and Dermalux LED Phototherapy helps to recharge these cells enabling them to function efficiently and effectively.

All finished off with products to enhance your skin.

45 min