The top 5 gift buying hints for the man in your life

November 16, 2016

The Perfect way to find the Perfect Gift!

It’s that time of year again, where your men have to pick up subtle hints on what the Wife/ Girlfriend is expecting to find under the Christmas Tree.

Now, if you are like my other half a hint is never picked up on – need a more sledgehammer type approach. It’s got to the stage where he now asks for a list so he doesn’t get it wrong. I personally love it – I choose a few items I would love jot them down, and leave the rest to him. Secretly, I hope he purchases the whole list, but that’s just me being greedy ;).

Men read on; this is the Top 5 gift buying hints to make magic happen for your partner:

  1. Do some stalking – Have you ever noticed when you have visited a website looking for a particular item, you later see this item pop up in advert on Facebook page? Advert pop-ups for that product then tend to show on every site you happen to visit. This is Google re-marketing. If you can access your partner’s device, those adverts will be of some use.
  2. Wish lists – Every women loves a wish list. Take a minute think of her favourite shop. Also if you are on her device, it will show up ‘recently viewed’ items. Imagine the surprise when she unwraps her gift.
  3. Bring her must-haves to her – Does your partner have a local salon? Either it is beauty, facials or hair. Take note of where she goes, pop into the establishment, most places will have a client history… See where I am going with this? You could buy a voucher treating her to her next appointment or purchase her must-have products. You never know the staff may even be able to recommend something she has had her eye on.
  4. Make it personal – All the gifts in the world could be under that tree, but I bet you if one of them is a personalised one. That one will be the one she remembers. So has something happened recently that can be converted into a gift? Did you have a day out together, where a perfect picture was captured? Can anything be engraved? Putting a personal touch on something will melt her heart – Trust me!
  5. Most important – Do not buy a practical gift especially if it’s to do with her car, cleaning, household appliances. You may have heard your partner say something like “I need a new kettle”, we might need that kettle – but not for Christmas. If you want to start 2017 with a happy partner, tip number 5 may just save your skin.

You can thank me later, Ady xx

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