Take Your Skin to The Gym

January 8, 2018

It’s the New Year making it that time of year again to set the rituals; like joining the gym, eating better, setting time aside for you and of course looking after your Skin.

When you join the gym initially you will automatically be booked in for an induction, where a personal trainer will show you how to use the equipment correctly, which body part/ Muscle you are working on. He/she will also ask you what you are trying to achieve, for example weight loss, weight gain, muscle definition or perhaps overall health. You will also be shown how to warm up, stretch and maintain hydration levels throughout. All these stages are part of a complete work out. It may sound a little crazy, odd but a lot of these stages are also important in skincare and treatments. Looking into each stage and why it is important for your skin we have created an incredible facial providing a complete workout- ‘Take your Skin to the gym’.

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Social Squares3 It’s so important to warm up, in the warm up we will be giving your          skin a deep double cleanse using a clarasonic and a steamer. Helping        to remove any stubborn built up dead skin and help to soften the               pores, providing a perfect foundation for our next step.
Social Squares4 It’s now time to Warm upall your muscles, get the blood circulation going with an intense facial massage using an nourishing & rejuvenating dry oil packed full of Omegas and vitamins.
Social Squares5 Now our skin is warmed up, our Cardio session is done it’s time for some hard core strength training. Using one of our chemical peels suitable for the eye area, helping to exfoliate, resurface and brighten the skin. Also trigging a pro aging effect on the skin.
Social Squares6 After our intense work out, it’s now time to cool the skin down. Using a deeply calming, restorative masque. Whilst you enjoy a nice deep scalp massage.  
Social Squares7 Hydration, Hydration, Hydration… After a workout it’s so important to hydrate. So It’s time for a quick drink for our skin.
Social Squares8 Now we need to stretch out those muscles, with a nice deep neck and shoulder massage.
Social Squares9 We will personalise your supplements. Using a wide range of products, selecting the right ones to finish off your work out.
Social Squares10 After an initial consultation and your Facial it’s now time for your Skincare requirements, helping to maximise your workout results.

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Aqua and Any Time Fitness (Truro) have made the perfect Partnership this January!

Anyone who books our amazing facial will receive a free weeks pass for Anytime Fitness. Also any members of Anytime will receive £30 off our incredible facial- just bring your log in cars along!

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