#Step 2- Toner

July 10, 2017

Hi me again,

You will be pleased to know this is a short step & blog.

Toners main focus use to be to neutralise the PH of our skin (please read #step1), but most skincare companies have started making cleansers to do this. So why do we need a toner?
A toner will not only remove any residue from the cleansing step in fact it does much more. Our toners focus on protecting our skins barrier and providing hydration. I know your probably thinking ‘surely that’s what a moisturiser is for?’ You are right. However applying a cream moisture to a ‘dry’ skin will only soak in slowly where if the skin is already damp the process is quickened.
Although most toners are generic, there are a few specialised ones out there for more problematic skin types, be careful when selecting these. The wrong toner will leave your skin feeling tight. Always ask for advice.

#Ady’s advice
Although a toner is very important, I wouldn’t class it as a ‘must have’ initially. I would add a toner in at a later stage, once your skin is use to using cosmeceutical products

See you soon xx

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