Spring into Aqua

April 2, 2017

Yay finally Spring has arrived… We have even had sunshine!!!

Now the weather is finally changing, guess what? Our skin is too. It’s time to give our skin a good cleanse & refresh your skincare routine.


Aqua has the answer, with our limited edition facial ‘Spring Cleanse’.

This 45 minute facial will not only make you lose sense of where you are with an indulgent neck, shoulder and scalp massage. It will also take care of your skin’s needs and health.

Firstly, we will cleanse the skin from any make-up or every day ‘grime’. Shortly followed by a gentle exfoliant under a mist of steam to open your pores and remove any superficial dead skin. Once your pores have softened we will select a clay mask best suited to your skin, this mask may feel tingly on the skin- this is down to the active ingredients getting to work. Whilst the clay mask gets to work in drawing out impurities your therapist will massage any tension away… Bliss.

Now we have exfoliated and drawn out the nasties from your skin, it’s time for a drink… for your skin that is! Applying a hydration mask suited again for your skin. Your skin will be enjoying a drink whilst we drain  any toxins away, release pressure points and provide a scalp massage. Wow – I need this facial myself.

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Your now ready for an instant Facial ( Discover more about this product – HERE) before popping you under the Dermalux- LED Phototherapy technology which accelerates your body’s natural healing process. If you think of skin cells as little batteries, overtime the energy in your skin cells is used and Dermalux LED Phototherapy helps to recharge these cells enabling them to function efficiently and effectively.

This incredible facial will conclude with personalised after care products suited to your skin.

** Remember you can take your facial to the next level with one of our Skin Boosters – discover more HERE**



The Spring Cleanse facial is only available during the month of April for £45- book HERE or call 01872 279 583! xx

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