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March 6, 2017

Lately i have met so many new lovely clients who all have 1 thing in common, they are stuck in a Skin Care rut. Lost in what to do next, luckily thats where we can help!

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Firstly, your skin changes all the time- seasonly, monthly, weekly and even daily. This is down to many things such as; Weather, diet, heating, air con, Hormones & just your general life style. With all this in mind its unlikely the moisturiser, corrective product or even your cleanser will be the same in summer to winter.


Secondly, do not under estimate the power of a Good cleanser. Ideally you will have 2, the reason why will soon make sense- i promise! Your Morning Cleanse should be a mild cleanser just to refresh the skin from ‘sleep’ neutralize the skins pH balance allowing your following products to penetrate deeper.  Think of a sponge… If you have a dry sponge and pop your shower gel straight on to the sponge it takes much longer to create a ‘foam’ on the skin. However if you sponge is damp and you apply your gel you will instantly get a foaming effect as the has penetrated to the middle- make sense? leaving you feeling fresh and ready for the day. In the evening your mild cleanser ( i personally love Emma Hardie Moringa Balm) is used to remove make-up, including eye area & the city grime or the wonderful cornish pollution ;). Then comes your second cleanse, this cleanser is more then likely to contain ‘active’ ingredients like acids etc. this cleanser is treating the skin what ever your concern may be- if you wish to find out more have a read of this blog- HERE

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Thirdly & Lastly, if you are switching to stronger products, known as cosmeceutical products, slow and steady will win the race. Have your skin scanned see what lies beneath. Start with a good ‘core’ regime such as; a cleanser, moisturiser & SPF– possibly a night product to.  Start introducing treatments, the correct ones for your skin & concerns. Looking after your skin is a life style change and not a quick fix. Understanding this is so important, unfortunately nothing will change over night.


Feel free to contact us for any questions or too book a consultation.

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