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Glycolic acid exfoliates the surface of the skin, whilst Hyaluronic acid and vitamins improve the quality of the skin.
The exfoliating lotions hydrates and smoothes the skin by exfoliating dry, dead surface skin cells.
Improved cellular turnover brightens the complexion, and the antioxidant activity neutralises free radicals to prevent further stress and damage to the skin.

How to use

Obagi CRX - What Can I expect?

Clinical studies show that the Obagi CRx System gradually reduces hyperpigmentation (discoloration) and signs of premature aging within a few weeks of treatment. With consistent use, patients noticed healthier, more vibrant, youthful-looking skin.

Most users report significant results during the first month of treatment. There may be some initial irritation due to the prescription strength Vitamin-C, or minor break-outs due to sunscreen found in the product. In the majority of cases, these reactions quickly resolve themselves but, if persistent, treatment should be stopped and then resumed after a couple of days.

Potent vitamin C:

Actively and deeply penetrates all layers of the skin (dermis, epidermis and stratum corneum) to neutralize and protect against free radicals such as sun and smoke, which are environmental stressors that accelerate the visible signs of the aging process
Unlike other vitamin C products, the vitamin C serum in the Obagi CRx System is very stable and maintains potency longer
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