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August 23, 2017

Ph Skincare Scale


Have you ever have noticed when walking around you local town or browsing the internet, there are 1000’s of skincare products ranging from 0.99p to £150.00 plus? When you purchase the higher end products we all expect a miracle after one application… right? In some cases this is true, mainly because all the higher priced products contain ingredients which have been backed by clinical studies, but you will also discover when doing your research its not all about the ingredients and the percentage of that ingredient. We need to start looking out for the little pH symbol. The pH is so important.


Let me explain…

pH measures the acidity of alkalinity of a substance, wether its the product you are using or your skin. Our skin’s natural pH level is between 4.5 – 5.5. On the pH scale of 0-14.  For your skin to be able to accept skincare it needs to be neutral, this can be achieved with a good cleanser, a cleanser that can balance your skin- i really recommend Alpha H balancing cleanser. Its perfect for all skin types, this product cleanses the skin, whilst hydrating and neutralising. Cleansing is the first step in your skincare routine morning and evening. When it comes to PM its so important we are using a product with a low pH, allowing for product penetration. Its at night our body automatically repairs itself, making this the ideal time to, enhance, correct or prevent our skin.

The pH of your products need to be 3.2 for effective results.

For example you could be using two very similar products stating they both contain 30% of Glycolic acid, however if one has a pH of 5.5 and the other 3.2, the results will be drastically different. Even though both products contain the same volume in %.

The same applies even if the % of ingredients differ, for example if a  product containing 30% glycolic with a pH of 5.5 is compared with a similar product, lets say 5% glycolic but with a pH of 3.2 this product will work more efficiently and deeper then then the product containing 30%. Gosh, i hope that makes sense!!!

The price isn’t the key to a good product, its all about the pH of the product & your skin. Which is actually not easy to discover. The reason being, is most products display the percentage of the ingredients, which is important, yet pointless if the pH isn’t correct. My advise do a little research or ask a Skin care specialist 🙂

Remember its all about the pH!!!!


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Ady 🙂

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