We all need a good cleanser…

June 13, 2017

We all need a good cleanser…
Learning how to wash your face sounds a tad on the crazy side, doesn’t it? I bet you are already thinking this is a silly blog, but please keep reading. You will be surprised at how many people underestimate the power of cleansing. A good double cleanse sets you up for the rest of your skin care regime.
A cleanser doesn’t just remove unwanted makeup and city grime, it helps prevent wrinkles- I know you think I have lost it, but it’s a true fact. During our day wether we are at work, home or enjoying some time out, we are all subjected to air pollution. A big source of free radicals -‘ what’s she on about now? Free radicals sound pretty cool!’ Wrong!!! In actual fact they are nasty little things. They spend the whole time upsetting our skin cells, which in turn breaks down our elastin & collagen within our skin. Causing the anti-ageing effect we all no as wrinkles. See where I am going with this? We need to wash them away!!!

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A cleanser also has a big responsibility for the pH of our skin, bare with me whilst I try and explain how the pH of your skin works. pH ranges from 0-14. The pH number allows us to know if our skin is more alkaline or acidic. Easiest way to determine is if you experience break outs and a more oily complexion, this is a good sign your skin is more acidic. However if you experience a dry feeling, flaking or dull complexion then this indicates a more alkaline. The correct cleanser for your skin type will bring your pH to a 5.5, which is what we are after. If you use the wrong cleanser it will cause more damage to the skin, where as the right cleanser will allow to help correct the pH allowing the pores to open for the next step in your routine for deeper product penetration .

Using a good cleansing cloth is also super important so Aqua produced Ultimate Cleansing Cloth. The most effective way to remove your cleanser. Our MicroFibre Cleansing cloth is carefully produced, gently removing all traces of make up with out being to abrasive not to disturb your skins pH Balance.

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#Ady’s Advice
Where possible have two cleansers in your routine, I understand this is an extra expensive but a worth while one in my opinion. Using an ‘oily’ cleanser is a great idea as oil attracts oil and is lovely for removing make-up, i love, love Moringa Balm, its such a luxury cleanse for your first cleanse. Start off with the eye & lip area, then remove any other makeup. Use this cleanse to cleanse the skin clear of your day wether it’s make up or everyday grime. Then use your second cleanse for the skin, I recommend cream cleanse. This will help with any skin problems and for the other reasons I explained earlier. If you are unsure of which cleanser is the correct one for you, pop in and see us, always happy to help. A cleanser Won’t change your skin over night but it’s definitely a big step in the long run.

Medik8 Cream Cleanse


Cream cleanse is our product of the week, this calming, silky-smooth and gently exfoliating cream cleanser with mandelic acid, effectively removes everyday build-up, impurities and make-up. Developed especially for normal and dry skin, but suitable for all skin types, creamCleanse has a unique blend of nourishing active ingredients.
An extra little tip- when cleansing use a massage technique, this will boost the blood circulation.
Ady xx

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