Keep it ‘Simple’…

February 15, 2018

In a world with school runs, work, homework, after school clubs and just generally running a family life is just so complicated. For me 2018 already feels crazy, days need to be longer and the weeks could do with two Sundays. So keeping things as  ‘simple’ as can be is crucial… Pack 1 to many activities into your day and everything could go wrong. Its all about priorities and planning.



Lately i have had the pleasure of meeting new clients and catching up with regulars. After reading through a few consultation forms the last few weeks,  I have really noticed how many clients are doing to much, or trying to ‘correct’ to many concerns. Its really important in skincare to ‘keep it simple’. Prioritise. Unfortunately when looking at skincare products you can not correct 3-4 concerns.

Take a step back…

What bothers you the most?

When looking in the mirror, what skin concern would you like tackle first?

When starting out with a new regime or a new concern take it slowly. Too many products can leave you not only over whelmed and the process feeling more like a chore than a bit of ‘me’ time, it also can upset your skin. Introduce products slowly. Get your ‘core’ regime in place first.

By ‘core’ I mean the following products;

  1. A Cleanser, your cleanser is the 1st step every morning and evening. So making sure you are using the correct one is vital. The Cleanser will not only remove your everyday grime, make up and the rest of your day, it will also balance your skins pH allowing the next step to work deeper.
  2. An SPF, everybody should where an SPF everyday, whether the sun is shining or not. An SPF will protect you from UVB’s ( the burning rays) and UVA’s (ageing rays). It’s not just the sunshine we need to protect our skin from. This is our most anti-ageing product available!!!
  3. Your 3rd product should be a product  specific to you and your concern. That main concern you decided to start with, this product will begin correcting this for you.

FB SPFThat’s it for now, use these products for a couple of weeks, and build from there. Always seeking professional advice. This will not only reduce over purchasing unnecessary products, it will also build your regime up the correct way.

A Simple plan, guidance and a helping hand really will make your life that little easier, well your skincare routine a little easier…. As for the school run & ‘What’s for tea?’ you are on your own!

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