It’s all about layering

March 20, 2017

It’s all about layering!

We all love layers, whether it’s to keep us cosy and warm, or a yummy butter cream between two moorish cake sponges. We layer to achieve results whether it’s to keep warm, awaken our taste buds or to achieve optimum results in skincare!


Yes, that’s correct layering skincare will achieve results! We layer our skincare to target different concerns to protect, correct & prevent. Layering skincare can be a bit of a mind field, so firstly let’s get our head around a few rules!

Rule 1- 

Always apply your products thinest to thickest after you have cleansed. So a serum would be applied before any creams and your SPF will always be last before applying any makeup.

Rule 2- 

Try not to over complicate skin concerns. Rome wasn’t built in a day, over loading the skin can have a reverse reaction to what you are trying to achieve. I would recommend 3 concerns maximum to start with.

Rule 3-

Take a break! Give each layer a 30/60 second break, this will allow the product to penetrate. Perhaps spreading your morning routine amongst over morning rituals will help- for example; apply 1st serum then brush your teeth. Apply 2nd layer the brush your hair and so on!

Rule 4-

Super important rule… always begin with a good cleanse & end with Protection, your SPF!


Right now, we have our rules, let’s get an example going so you can picture it easily. Mrs Smith ( sorry to all the Mrs/Mr Smiths out there who always have their name used) comes in to see us and we Scan Mrs Smith’s skin. She has de-hydrated skin, mainly around the eye & suffers with the odd blemishes. Mrs Smith also wants to add anti ageing into her routine.

So firstly Mrs Smith needs a good cleanser ( see cleansing blog HERE to find out more). Then comes the layers;

Layer 1- A vitamin c  to preserve & prevent anti ageing

Layer 2- Caffeine solution to help brighten and hydrate the eye area

Layer 3- Phyto corrective to help calm and remove irritation from those blemishes whilst hydrating the skin.

Layer 4- Moisturiser, for Mrs Smith I would recommend Metacell

Layer 5- SPF

Extreme Close Up Of A Beautiful Young Woman Applying Cream To He

I know this seems a lot but once you have got to grips with the routine and learning why the product will help, it will become second nature!

You can also layer in the evening, start with a good double cleanse;

Layer 1- Caffeine again

Layer 2 – niacinamide to help fight blemishes

Layer 3- Vitamin A/E to resurface & restore the skin

Layer 4- Hydr8 Night to repair,hydrate & reserve skin.

Incorporating many layers will seem overwhelming at first, however it will benefit your skin resulting in faster effective skin care. After all, what’s life without layers? I definitely wouldn’t have my scone without Cream & Jam!

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