How the sun sees you

April 12, 2017

How the sun sees you.

This last week has been incredible, we have had glorious weather. So nice I have even managed to showcase my lily white legs – which are shocking! We all love a bit of colour on our skin, it makes us feel healthier, happier and for me slimmer. However the sunshine also comes with its downsides… like most things.

Us Brits are terrible, as soon as we see the sun we dive right out not considering hats, suncream or shade. I guess this is due to us not seeing the sun for 350 days of the year! Generally, this results in a bright red nose, shoulders & chest which causes more damage then just the pain you experience at the time.

At Aqua, we try to highlight the importance of wearing an SPF on your skin even when the sun isn’t shining, the majority of clients think we are a little mad. I have found a clever video on You Tube which demonstrates how the sun sees you and the importance of protecting your skin even when the sun doesn’t shine. Not only is it a great video, it’s also a nice change than listening to us highlighting the importance.



If you wish to have your skin analysis in a similar way to the people show in the clip, remember Aqua offers free skin consultations which includes seeing your own skin under UV light. Our highly trained therapists will advise you on how to correct any existing damage, prevent any more and point you in the right direction of the correct sun protection for your skin. Everyone is different making everyone’s skin different too, our advice will be personal to you. We are here to take you on a skincare journey.

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Hope you enjoyed the video – Ady xx

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