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October 2, 2017

How to help your skin during the change of seasons Summer-Autumn-Winter

It’s awful to say but summer is fading fast on our Cornish coast, for most of us the fire has already been lit once or twice and were all thinking about making that final end of summer decision of turning on our central heating.

Our evenings are starting to draw in and we can’t wait to get home and have a hot bubbly bath, all of these things are absolute necessities but can also play havoc on our skin!

All of these sudden changes of temperature can have a really harsh effect on our skin, with those cold winds, this can cause a lot of moisture to be zapped leading to tightness, flaking and irritation…With the increase of temperature this can cause the dilation of capillaries, redness and sensitivity…

Here are some key Steps to make in your routine to help you:

Environmental Protection – Vitamin C is what’s classed as your ‘first line of defence’ as it sinks into the skin it will protect you from daily pollution, free radicals and chemicals in the air which basically eat away at anything that’s good about your skin increasing the ageing process – NO THANK YOU! Vitamin C will also PRESERVE the skin keeping collagen and elastin in tip top condition.

Keeping your skin topped up daily with Hyaluronic acid is a must, this acts as a cushion plumping your skin at its deepest levels increasing the moisture – FACT: As Hyaluronic is what coats our elasticity cells, by using this product it will keep them super super healthy!

Protection – A lot of people think when the sun isn’t shining they don’t need to wear an SPF little do we all know those horrible UVA rays are still out there attacking your skin in the winter, we recommend a minimum of SPF30 to get the correct level of protection for your skin.

TOP TIP – Give your skin a weekly bit of love with a mask , one of our faves here at Aqua are the StarSkin Masks, pact with 30ml of active ingredient with lots to choose from depending on your skin type, your skin will get the kick of nourishment it needs!

Here are some of our must have Hero skincare products to help you get through the winter months:

Glow Oil – Medik8

Hydrating B5 Gel – SkinCeuticals



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