Bin those Facial Wipes……..

April 22, 2016

Client: My skin feels dry and tight, it seems to look dull and tired?

Therapist: What is your current skincare routine?

Client: Well, I use face wipes to cleanse my face…

Therapist would then like to place head in hands and quietly weep!

Facial wipes have got to be one my biggest pet hates (definietly up there with hearing people chew their food!) Unless you are cleaning the bathroom surfaces with them, removing some stain off your shoes or find yourself stranded on the moon without any other option, then these little packets have no place being in your skincare routine. Harsh – but I simply cannot stress enough that they provide zero benefit to the health of your skin – in fact it is quite the opposite, they can cause more skin concerns than they solve.

Being the good little bunnies that you are, I know that you would never go to bed with a face full of make up and I know that after one too many lemonades on a night out and sleep is calling, then this seems like the perfect, quick and effective solution.

So you pluck one of this wet cloths out of their packets, wipe liberally over face, (feel that burn so it must be cleansing well!) cloth is suitably dirty, throw in bin, apply night serum/moisturiser and viola – job done and off to bed!
Here’s what has actually happened, you have removed a chemically saturated cloth from a lovely moist environment (the perfect breeding ground for bacteria), SMEARED your makeup, dirt and impurities all over your face with a small trace amount being visible on the cloth.
The wipe which has cocktail of preservatives (how do you think they stay in a perfect wet condition for up to 18 months on a warm retail shop floor), which then makes your skin feel tight, dry and usually prompts skin concerns which you didn’t have before such as spots, blemishes, sensitive skin, redness etc.
Furthermore, the wipe has then left a nice chemical barrier over the surface of your skin which prevents any product being able to penetrate the skin and do the job it was designed to do (wasted pennies if you have indulged in an expensive night product)

So bin those facial wipes – your skin will thank you!

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