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January 4, 2017

Every year we all say ‘This year….” and set ourselves New Year resolutions. Mine normally consist of weight loss, exercise, make more time for ‘me’ & continuing looking after my skin.

Oh wait… this year is no different!

Whilst jotting your resolutions down, do you ever put ‘look after skin’ or ‘must treat myself to a facial’ ? You should. You only get one skin, and that skin protects your entire body and what lies beneath your skin is responsible for keeping you looking younger.  So where to begin with this New Year, New You?!?

It’s so hard to know where to start or too decide which facial is going to be best for you. Every treatment menu, website and therapist advice are all slightly different. In fact if you are not sure on your skin type the whole thing can be very over whelming.

Never fear, Aqua’s here to take you on a skincare journey!

Firstly when you book an appointment with us you will automatically be booked in for a free consultation ( yes, a FREE consultation). This is super important, not just for the client but for us as therapists, allowing us to find out what your skin type is and if there is any hidden concerns. Our consultation will be in a private room as we understand that this is a personal journey. Allowing you also to ask any questions you may have. We will ask you to fill out a brief form which asks a select few questions giving us an insight into your current regime, health & main concerns.

Honestly, the form side isn’t to bad, it’s actually quite interesting… or so I think!

Once we have discussed and decided which is the right skin care plan for you we will get you started with a new skincare regime, advising  only 2/3 products initially –  a Cleanser always being 1 of those. The reasons being, your skin needs time to adapt to a new range- especially if the products are of a higher grade of ingredients than you are use to.

Once your skin has adapted then it’s perfect timing for your facial. Which is normally 7-14 days after your consultation ( in some cases the facial can be done on the same day). Which we will get you booked in for, before you receive your facial we will re-scan your skin to make sure we are still selecting the right one for you, as the products may have made a huge difference (which is what we are after). Generally we will always provide a brief consultation, this is for the simple fact that your skin is for ever changing, meaning your treatment may too. Aqua thrives in providing a 5* service, we want you to leave us feeling amazing and achieving the results we set out to achieve.


Book your FREE 20 minute consultation at Aqua today!

Aqua Truro

Oh and if you want my advice, try our HydraFacial… it’s awesome and suits most skin types & provides instant results. Book Here .


Happy New Year!!!

Ady xx


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