Buyer Beware: Skin Needling Products off the Internet.

April 27, 2016

There are not many things which you can’t obtain from a spot of internet shopping – it has opened up a whole hosts of difference resources for purchasing and price comparisons.

However, some items should not be available to purchase on the internet – this is particularly related to medical devices and treatments that should only be provided by professionals that are trained and follow the correct procedures.

This post is focused on Derma-rollers – scary as it is – you can purchase a whole range of these devices from as little as £3.(Eek!)

Derma-rolling, skin needling or C.I.T – (Collagen Induction Therapy) is an amazing clinical treatment which can really provide lasting benefits to the health of your skin and improve many skin conditions such as acne scaring, increase collagen – lifting and firming, fine lines and wrinkles resulting in a youthful, radiant and firmer complexion.

But there are many aspects to consider if you are thinking about this medical treatment.  It is a procedure which requires tiny microscope holes to be punctured into the skin, causing a trauma to the skin.  If you cut your finger or graze your skin, for example, your skin’s ability to repair itself in that area has to work much harder – it’s a wound healing response which increases natural collagen production -this is the same principal behind skin needling but on a microscopic level.

In clinic, we offer difference treatments which are from 0.5mm Dermaroller (this refers to the needle length) up to a 1.5mm.  For ALL of these procedures, we would topically numb the skin prior to procedure with an anaesthetic cream as it would be very uncomfortable if you didn’t do this.  We would never go above a 1.5mm size roller (2.0mm+ sizes are for body treatments only). Often, the smaller needle lengths of 0.5mm and 1.0mm are more than sufficiently and we would only use a 1.5mm needle if someone had very tough skin, had the procedure prior with smaller needle lengths or significant and deep acne scarring (only if their skin could take it though). You can then follow this up with an at-home skin needling device and these come in 0.2mm and 0.3mm lengths.

I ordered from a popular shopping website a few weeks ago and received today a crumpled jiffy bag (see main image) from China – inside was a 1.5mm roller (I could have ordered a 3.0mm….Jeez!) – the cost was about £5.00. Bargain…… No!?!

IMG 0406

The only instructions provided were on the side of the box and a small panel printed on the back of the roller packaging.

IMG 0405

It provides general precautions such as:

Do not share the instrument with anyone (Mmmm …. speechless….)

Apply mild pressure (I doubt you would be able to get this near your skin without screaming!)

Sterilise (How and with What – not mentioned!)

No where on the box or instrument does it state what the needles are made of or how many needles there are on the roller.  High quality skin rollers have 190 needles, are titanium and display the kite market CE standard.  This is fundamental – it you have a roller with poor grade needles – at worst they can break off in the skin and at best they can easily bend and twist causing dragging and scarring to your skin. So you are not resolving a skin issue but merely creating a horrid new one!

The instructions are basic (I’m trying to be nice) – it doesn’t point out areas to avoid or what to expect from the procedure in terms of bleeding, redness or aftercare.  There are so many nerves and blood vessels lying close to the surface of your skin – areas which should be avoid particularly around the eye and temple area are not referenced at all.

IMG 0411

So, I ask you to think twice before purchasing such things from the internet.  Saving a few pennies could cost you a whole host of skin problems.  I think it is irresponsible for companies to supply these devices without any care or thought for the customer.

If you would like any more information about skin needling click HERE







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