Aqua Launches – The Aqua Facial Bar

September 1, 2016

Brand new to the South West & Aqua… We introduce ‘Aqua Facial Bar’

7 Unique Facials, with 7 result driven steps complete with a choice of 7 Booster Shots.

Please welcome:

  • Go With The Glow

Our Radiance facial, giving your skin an instant glow and a large drink of water. This Facial will leave your skin refreshed, firmer, and radiant.

  • Stop The Clock

Help reverse the signs of ageing, by diminishing those fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Fade Out

Fading out unwanted pigmentatation and brighting up the skin’s complexion

  • Spot On

An Acne & Blemish Facial, helping to clear congested skin types.

  • Calm Down

Helping to restore the skin’s capillary barrier by soothing and relieving sensitivity.

  • Alpha Male

Because real men have facials too. This facial targets many skin concerns , giving the male skin a much needed boost.

  • The Inbetweeners

A bespoke facial designed for younger problematic skin types.


Change your Skin in 30 minutes – (£40)

Our Thearpists will select the right products used within the facial just for you and your skin type. Whether you are fighting tired eyes, dehydrated skin, blocked pores, fine lines or just need to get your glow back we have the knowledge, products and facial just for you.

Upgrade your Facial with one of our Booster Shots-

  • Kiss Me – Lip Treatment
  • Lighten Up– Dermalux
  • Bright Eyes – Eye Treatment
  • Between the Sheets– Sheet Masks
  • Putty in Our Hands– Putty Masques
  • Peel to Reveal– A gentle chemical peel taking your face to another level
  • Drink Me– A chilled Glass of Skinade

Taking your facial to the next step £10 – 10 Minute Treatment.

All Facials includes a skin analysis and Aftercare skincare prescriptions.

To celebrate the Launch of Aqua Facial Bar, we are holding an exclusive launch on Thursday 8th September from 6.30pm at our Truro Salon. We would love for you to join us.


* Skincare Giveaways
* Experience The Facial Bar
* Skin Analysis
* Raffle Prizes- All proceeds from this raffle will be donated to the Skin Foundation Charity
* Facial Bar Launch Offers

Looking forward to seeing you 🙂 xx

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