A very clever product known as a Retinol.

December 29, 2016

A very clever product known as a Retinol.

A retinol is also known as a vitamin A, which can already be found within our cellular level, the epidermis , the vitamin A  is responsible for cell renewal. However, like most things after time it begins to deplete, caused by many things such as; intrinsic ageing, uv exposure , bad diet & more.

There are so many reasons a retinol should be introduced to your skin care regime, You’ll  probably need to build up your tolerance for retinol, so starting out using it daily may result in red, irritated, and/or flaky skin. Start slowly (like every other night) until you’re skin gets used to it. This product should only be applied PM.

How this magical product works… whilst you are getting your beauty sleep the Vitamin A is working hard along side our body.  When we apply a Vitamin A to a cleansed skin, our body gets straight to work converting it to a retinoic acid which then can be used within the epidermis to cellarate cell renewal and to reinforce our collegen and elastin proteins, keeping us younger for longer. Vitamin A also helps to cut down excess sebum (oil) production, unclogs pores, and prevents dead cells from clogging pores – helping those with Acne prone skin. A retinol can also help speed up the natural exfoliation of dead skin leaving you with an inedible texture & improved hydration.

Don’t forget to apply that SPF every day.

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What are you waiting for 😉 xx





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