The Perfect Match

January 29, 2020

The Perfect Match

Love is in the Air!

Some things are a perfect fit- Jam & Cream (the discussion of which goes first is something for another time! ) Gin & Tonic and Radio Frequency and Hydrafacial.

The combination of these two cutting edge treatments provides for a match made in heaven and targets the skin internally and externally.

Radio Frequency (RF) is for facial tightening and skin laxity. By heating the dermis to a temperature of between 38 – 40 Degrees, it stimulates collagen remodelling and production. The result is a lifting, firming and contouring effect.   The quality and appearance of the skin is improved due to the increased oxygen within the dermis which benefits the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  As this is a heat based rather than light based treatment, the energy of the RF is deeper within the structure of the skin, leaving the surface of the skin undamaged.

By following this procedure with the Hydrafacial Skin Health protocol, you really are getting the best of both. Hydrafacial concentrates in the superficial layers of the skin, removing dead skin cells, increasing cellular turnover and flooding the skin with hydration and active ingredients.  It is the perfect boost for a dull and lack lustre complexion, changing the appearance of the skin for a more even tone and texture.  The additional benefits of the Hydrafacial are more refined pores, clearer and brighter skin, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a radiant glow promoting optimum skin health. This powerful duo provides immediate and long term results with no down time.

This bespoke facial is available from the 1st February-29th 2020.
Price – £150 ( normally £175)
Treatment time – 80 mins

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